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Copy, Print and Sell Vintage Photographs


Old is gold, we all know.  Similarly, old photos can be a goldmine to you if you know how to use them wisely!  There is a great demand for vintage photos, and you can harness this demand to start a lucrative business for yourself!


This is a relatively inexpensive business and first of all you have a collection or access to old photos that prove to be in great demand.  When you have those original photographs, or negatives, and you’re sure they’re in the public domain – that means out of copyright - you can copy and sell the images as often as you like, without paying licensing fees or royalties to the original photographer or publisher.


If you don’t check your images are in the public domain, you may discover to your peril that copyright laws are rather stringent, and you could be sued for much more money than you’ll ever make from selling those images!


You can check out worldwide copyright laws by visiting:



The only other major investment you’ll make in this business is for a scanner and good quality photo printer, sometimes combined, sometimes individual units. If you can’t afford this equipment at first, you could approach someone else to copy your old photos for you and leave you to focus on selling them. 


Once you have the photos copied, you need some place to sell these photos, and there’s no better place to do so than on eBay. Another site worth placing your photos for sale is Café Press.


You can copy photos on countless different themes and sell them online. Some of the more common types of photos with universal appeal include vintage cars, vintage trucks, fire service, photos on nature and wildlife and other such photos. Sometimes even NASA earth space photos have high demand online.


You can copy photos of different sizes to sell, including most popular sizes 8 x 10, 4 x 6, and 5 x 7 inches.


You should not charge unreasonably high rates for these photos, bearing in mind they are just copies of old photos, after all! Charging up to ten pounds a time is your best bet, depending on size and rarity of the original image.


Avril Harper Titles

Sample Chapters and Free Downloads




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