Grow and Sell Mushrooms


Growing and selling mushrooms represents a very popular and profitable hobby and business venture.  Mushrooms are not only easy to grow; they are also a year round delicacy and markets for mushrooms of all kinds are plentiful.  Private households, hotels, shops, restaurants, market stallholders, and others, are all potential clients for the mushroom grower and seller. 

Small scale mushroom operations need only a garden shed to make for a viable business; mushroom farms on the other hand demand a more organised and systematic approach.  The mushroom season lasts from between six and eight weeks, after which you must begin growing your mushrooms afresh.  Rotating seasons means you will always have some mature stock to offer clients. 

A good compost is essential to grow mushrooms profitably, but it will only do for one crop, although it can be used afterwards for other plants.  Mushroom spore, grown on compost in trays or boxes, must be maintained at a temperature of between 50 and 55 degrees F.  The trays should be placed in a dim but well ventilated spot - an empty cellar or spare room is ideal. 


The Mushroom Growers' Association offers much useful advice and information on insurance, legal matters and advertising.

Mushrooms should be sold, and preferably used, almost straight after picking; if you have to store them, keep them in a cool place.  Try taking a stall at local markets.  You won't make a fortune from passers by, but you might find several business owners, hoteliers and restaurant owners becoming regular clients.  After that, you can deliver to them direct. 



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